Pain Escape Network

T he Pain Escape® Network is a collection of locally-owned and operated pain management offices staffed by trained and certified Pain Escape Hypnotists. You can find the nearest Pain Escape practitioner using the Office Locator on this web site. The information on this page refers to the "headquarters" or "Franchisor" of the network.
What problems does the Pain Escape Network solve for people with medical issues?
We are not doctors, dentists, or psychologists. We are hypnotists. The population of our country is getting older and suffering more chronic pain. Opioids are addicting people to powerful drugs that many people want to avoid. Surgical solutions and pain medicines have side effects and costs many want to avoid. And hypnosis is finally being accepted as a first line treatment for chronic pain, thanks to the latest medical research.

In addition to chronic pain, there are several other conditions that the medical literature has shown to be particularly treatable with hypnosis. Furthermore, hypnosis has been shown to reduce pre-op anxiety and even shorten recovery times.
Can I make a living helping people with chronic pain?
You might be looking for ways of contributing to society in the healing arts but are unwilling to pay tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars or spend many years in traditional schools before getting started. Do you have an existing chiropractic, Reiki, or massage business and want to expand your services to help in other ways? Or, maybe you're fresh out of school, or looking for a second career helping people. Or maybe you are retired and looking for a way to help people quickly and effectively. These are the reasons we've built the Pain Escape Network for you!
How can Pain Escape help a physician's or dentist's patients?
Often physicians reach the limits of what pain can be reduced with drugs. Sometimes they only have a few minutes of time to spend with each patient, while a hypnotist can devote an entire hour to reducing pain and anxiety. These physicians and dentists often find a referral to a Pain Escape Hypnotist of great value in providing the best possible care for their patients. We can teach you how to partner with these licensed healthcare practitioners to oursource the mental aspects of pain relief and the anxieties many associate with surgery and dental procedures. Hypnotists have been doing this effectively since the 19th Century, and the medical literature is full of evidence of this success.
Can I be trained to open a Pain Escape office in my neighborhood?
The many methods of hypnotic therapies can be easily taught to people who want to help clients with chronic pain. Our network of Pain Escape franchisees provides a consistent experience across all practitioners, collects testimonials by actual clients, uses a common appointment scheduling system, offers recurrent training in new methodologies, and gives support and backup to practitioners getting started. You will own your own business but receive training and support necessary for success.

Coby Cathey, CPEH

President, Chief Marketing Officer
Certifying Organization and Certificate:
  • Certified Pain Escape Hypnotist (CPEH) #10003
  • NLP Certified Practitioner (NLP)
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Dave Morris, CEO, Instructor of Hypnotherapy

CEO, Chief Technical Officer
Certifying Organization and Certificate:
  • Certified Pain Escape Hypnotist (CPEH) #10002
  • Certified Master Trainer (Instructor) (CMT) #CMT-1706-19
  • Certified Hypnotist (CH) #032117-8860
  • Certified Consulting Hypnotist (CCH) #46660
  • Certified Medical Hypnotherapist (CMH)
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