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Larry Kelley, CPEH, CH

  • Certified Pain Escape Hypnotist (CPEH) #10005
  • Certified Hypnotist (CH) #36768
  • Certified Medical Meditation Consultant (CMMC)
  • Certified Stress Management Consultant (CSMC)
  • 5-PATH Hypnotist (5-PATH)
  • Master Hypnotist (MH)

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* If you are experiencing a new pain, you should always see a doctor, chiropractor, or dentist, and get a referral before seeing us, because this is a cry for help from the painful part of your body. However, if your doctor has already done as much as s/he can and you are still in pain months later (i.e. chronic), medical research shows hypnosis can help reduce your suffering. If you are not currently being treated by a healthcare provider for the condition, we will decide during your initial visit whether we can proceed without a referral.

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